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Staying Fit Junior Badge

Posted by troop578 on April 24, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (45)

Requirements for the STAYING FIT Junior Badge if you need to make up anything (also, please let us know when you do):



_____Try 30 minutes of aerobic activity three times each week.  Aerobic activites are things that make your heart beat fast.  Some fun ones are jump-roping, jogging, biking, and dancing.  Mix and Match any kind.  For More Fun:  Make an activity chart listing friends' names down the side and five activities everyone wants to try along the top, creating a grid.  When anyone does one of the activites, put a footprint in the correct square on the chart.  Who can cross the "finish line" first?


_____Find a way to make your day more active.  Doctors recommend walking 10,000 steps a day, so step up!  For example, if you live in an apartment and usually take an elevator, take the staris instead.  Or if you ride the bus, march in place at the bus stop.  For More Fun: Track your steps with a friend to see who can take the most in a week.


_____Forget being a couch potato.  Instead of just lying around, make an hour of TV time active at least three times a week.  You might do leg lifts, sit-ups, or jumpiing jacks during commerical breaks.  Or make up a game to jog in place really fast when your favorite characters speak.  For More Fun: Create a No Couch Potatoes Pledge for your entire family to sign.




_____Be a food-label detective.  Learn the basics of food labels- what information is there and what is important to know about each category.  Then do a label hunt in your kitchn to find the most healthful snack.  Compare at least three labels.


_____Play a brainstorm game.  Brainstorm a list of healthful food categories, like foods high in vitamin C or leafy green veggies.  Write each category on a separate piece of paper and fold it up.  One at a time, each player draws a paper and reads the category aloud.  Everyone then gets one minute to write down every food they can think of in that category.


_____Nutrient scavenger hunt.  Choose five nutrients, like calcium, zinc, vitamin C, protein, and carbohydrates, and talk about why they're important.  Then go on a hunt at the store or in the kitchen for foods that provide the highest percentages of those nutrients.



_____Dear self...You almost always feel better when you get your feelings out, even if you just share them with your diary!  For a week, write or draw how you feel each day.  Then take a week off, then record your feelings for another week.  Could you tell the difference?


_____Helping others helps us. Sometimes it helps your own stress if you can solve a problem for someone else.  For the next two weeks, if you feel stressed, see if you can help a friend with a problem.  Just having someone tot alk to could make them feel better - and the same might be true for you.

_____Create a stress-free zone.  Find a place in your hoome or outside that you can go when you feel stressed.  Take a bag of your favorite things with you and spend 15 minutes there the next three times you need a break.  Make it a quiet and relaxing place, ora  loud dancing/jumping around area (so long as you're not stressing out someone else.)



_____Review health websites.   In a group, search online for the answer to a health question.  There are probably many.  Review at least three answers.  Then find an answer that has been reviewed by real medical professionals.  Jot down the stie so you can use it to find true and safe answers in the future.


_____Talk to a health professional.  Visit a pediatrician, school nurse, pharmacist, or other trusted adult with health knowledge, or invite them to speak to your group.  Ask for their top health tips for girls your age.

_____Find truth in advertising.  Bring a health advertisement to the library.  It might be for lotion, makeup, or shampoo.  With the librarian's help, find out if the claims it makes are true.



_____Have a "slow food" dinner. Help make a healthful dinner.  Create the menu together, shop for ingredients, then take time to focus on food and eat together.  Talk about your favorite flavors.  You might even find a way to get a picky eater to try something new.  Maybe even play a board game afterward?

_____Come up with an active familyi activity.   Find something everyone can do together, then go do it!  It could be a bike ride, a hike, a game around raking leaves in your yard, or a "get our chores done" challenge.


_____Have a family check-in night.  Sometimes families can get so busy that they forget to check on each other.  Hold a family meeting in which everyone talks about their day and what made them feel especially good or bad.  Help each other end the day on a happy note - maybe with a dance party or favorite mostly healthy treat.

Cookies Cookies Cookies

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It's time to start selling cookies!  Cookie sales are very important to our troop.  It provides funds for us to go to fun activities (we are going to Camporee this year!!!), and buys supplies for parties and overnights, plus our badges and patches.  With all of this fun stuff, we need to sell a lot of cookies.  Last year, our troop sold over 4,500 boxes of cookies and we want to beat it this year.  If our troop sells 5,055 boxes we can earn an additional prize for each girl - Troop goal achiever.  Each girl would recieve special patch and a peace sign fabric wall decoration.  In addtion, we would meet the criteria for the "100" year patch.  If each girl averages 300 boxes of cookies, we qualify for the Super Troop award!  Each girl would receive a Glamour girl soccer ball, a special patch, and skinny bands bracelets.  It would be awesome if we could average 451 boxes per girl though, then our troop would qualify for an incentive allowing us to receive an addition .01 cent per box sold. In addition to Camporee, ideas were given of places your daughters want to go this year: ice skating, Hollywood Connections, the zoo, Lagoon, Toad's, Fat Cats, Classic Fun Center, Raging Waters, Boondock's, Cabella's, Trafalga, and a dinner and a movie night. 


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Assignments were made to each girl for the Christmas party next week.  If you can not remember what you are supposed to do, please call Kristi ASAP!  Everyone also needs to bring a white elephant or a gift from the DOLLAR store WRAPPED and enough treats to share with 18 girls.  Our party will be held at Our Savior's Lutheran church in Roy from 6-7:30 next Tuesday, December 20th.


Registrations are due December 19th for Suncrest Service Unit's "Chef for a Day".  To download flyer and register, please visit




HOMEWORK for 12-13-11

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Cadettes, you need to have EVERYTHING completed in your journey!

Everyone - please have at least CHRISTMAS one game or activity idea ready so we can continue planning our Christmas party.

Duct Tape Wallets

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For those girls who were planning on making more wallets, I promised to post the measurements.  The outside you need a total of 8 strips cut at 7 inches long.  For the inside, you'll need 8 strips at 6 inches long. 

Cadettes Journeys

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Cadettes - you should be wrapping up your Journeys this week!  PLEASE go through your book and make sure that all of your homework is done!  Next week we will be filming any Media Re-Writes that need to be done.  We would really like to have this journey wrapped up this month so we can start working toward some new badges and focus on COOKIES in January!   


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I hope everyone had fun on the field trip last week to the Standard Examiner.  Because of some car trouble, I had to miss out.  Tonight there was a little confusion as to where our meeting was held.  The next couple of weeks will be a little tricky, so please check the website often and your emails - I try to send out reminders.  Next week is our rededication/investiture ceremony.  We will be sharing it with another troop and the meeting will be at the NUSC -it's in the same building as the shop in Riverdale.  Please plan on bringing your family and a pot luck dish to share.  Also, if you daughter is bridging to a new level of Girl Scouts it would be great to have her a new vest or sash for this ceremony (if possible.)  All girls are bridging except Katy and Sidney who will remain Juniors for another year, however they will still be part of the rededication ceremony.  It was fun seeing all of your fun costumes!  Thanks, everyone!



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Welcome back, Troop 578! 

Our troop is currently working on Journeys.  Girl Scouts has recently been changing their program and new handbooks and badge books have not been released yet.  However, for Juniors to earn their Bronze award and Cadettes to earn their Silver award, the girls must have completed at least one Journey. 

Cadettes are working toward the Media Journey.  In the coming weeks they will need to be thinking of a "media re-write."  To complete this, she will need to re-write a song and change the lyrics or make a public service announcement, etc.  There should be more suggestions in her Journey handbook. 

Juniors are working toward the Agent of Change Journey.  We are currently working on the first part of 3 steps.  It is all about the Power of One.  Their homework this week is to complete the power log and research a heroine and bring a report or some facts to our next meeting. 


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Homework for Juniors:  Next week they will start working on their supergirl comic, so it would be great for them to think of some ideas for your hero and a story you would like to make! 


Homework for Cadettes:  There are several tiny activites for the girls to do (WHILE READING THE BOOK) please complete the following pages:  19, 27, 29, 34, 35, 46, & 60.  If she works on them just a few minutes a day, it won't take her very long at all.  Also, she still needs to be working toward her media rewrite.  Pages 74-77 are excellent places for ideas. 


We will be having our Girl Scout Briding/Rededication on Tuesday, November 1st.

Tenatively looking at Friday, November 11th for a sleepover.